Three in a Bed

    • Episode 2 - Number One

      The six hoteliers head up to Blackpool, where Claire and Mark go all out to try and impress their guests at their B&B Number One.

    • Episode 3 - The Kildare

      The final day of this extended version of Three in a Bed takes the group to Skegness, where it's the turn of Joyce and Ray of The Kildare to woo their fellow hoteliers.

    • Episode 4 - The Lodge

      First to host is Andrew Blackhall, owner of The Lodge set in the Avebury Stones, whose guests are John Bellamy, from Hamilton Hall, and Claire Gibson and husband Stuart, of Roxbro Hall.

    • Episode 5 - Hamilton Hall

      Next stop in the contest is Hamilton Hall, which is a gay, men-only retreat where clothes are optional and some of the highlights include spiritual and sexual workshops.

    • Episode 6 - Roxbro House

      It's the final night and Claire and Stuart are worried their two guests might fall out. But the following morning the guys are actually found sharing a breakfast table. Has the Roxbro saved the day?

    • Episode 7 - Jeake's House

      First to host this time is Jenny Hadfield and Richard Martin from the five-star Jeake's House B&B in Rye. But what will the guests make of the erotic picture on their bedroom wall?

    • Episode 8 - Baron's Court

      In Great Yarmouth, it's Beverley's turn to host. Although the visiting couples are pleasantly surprised by their rooms, Samantha from Scotland is horrified to find a cobweb.

    • Episode 9 - Lunan Lodge

      It's the final day, and the competition moves up to Scotland and Lunan Lodge, where the hosts Samantha Unwin and Jules May can offer their guests rooms with unexpected extras: ghosts!

    • Episode 10 - Gainsborough House

      First up this time in the B&B challenge is Gainsborough House, where former child-actress Anita and her husband Derek pride themselves on their elegant, mock regency home

    • Episode 11 - Overdale Guest House

      Jayne and Keith throw open the doors to Overdale Guest House in North Yorkshire. Jayne keeps Overdale immaculate and even keeps a collection of miniature pigs for that homely touch.

    • Episode 12 - Art House

      The concluding night of the contest takes place at Anne and John's Art House B&B, where the guests are left to serve their own breakfast, and must make do with a two-slice toaster

    • Episode 13 - Harrop Fold Farm

      In Cheshire, at Harrop Fold Farm, Sue Stevenson and her daughter Leah show off their award-winning business

    • Episode 14 - The White House

      Ex-pub landlord Steve and his wife Michelle show off their White House in Dorset, where each of the rooms is named after a president

    • Episode 15 - Haughley House

      The final showdown takes place in Suffolk at Haughley House, where Jeffrey and Caroline boast their very own coats of arms, as well as a five-star gold rating

    • Episode 16 - Clayton Wickham Farmhouse

      Extended version of the show where proud B&B owners battle to be voted the best. The competition begins at Clayton Wickham Farmhouse, West Sussex, run by Mike and Susie Skinner.

    • Episode 17 - Arbor Low

      Extended version of the show where proud B&B owners battle to be voted the best. Arbor Low, in the middle of the Peak District, is run by by Steve and Nikki and has a no frills ethos.

    • Episode 18 - Ashleigh Hotel

      Extended version of the show where proud B&B owners battle to get top votes. Julie and Ray, who run Bournemouth's Ashleigh Hotel, show off their property in the hope of being the winners.

    • Episode 19 - Fallen Angel

      Extended version of the show where proud B&B owners battle to be voted the best. First up is five-star silver-rated Fallen Angel, on which John Marshall has spent in excess of £2million.

    • Episode 20 - Wilshire Farm

      Next up is a trip to the peace and tranquillity of Wilsham Farm, where it's the turn of Richard and Jane Organ to host at their establishment, which is full of rural charm.

    • Episode 21 - Hanover House

      The final night is at the top-rated, homely Hanover House. Veronica and James Richie are proud of their surroundings and have filled the place with family photos and personal touches.

    • Episode 22 - The Granville

      The first episode in the latest edition finds Wilf and Pat throwing open the doors to The Granville, their B&B in Blackpool, and taking their guests to see the town's famous Illuminations.

    • Episode 23 - Frampton House

      B&B Frampton House is located in the Dorset countryside, but owners Nick and Georgina Maynard take the group for a day of deep sea fishing that ends in tears.

    • Episode 24 - Nut Tree Farm

      The final B&B to throw open its doors this time is the eco friendly Nut Tree Farm, set in the heart of spiritual Somerset, and run by Melvyn and Anne Firmager.