This Is England '86

  • Episode 1

    It's the day of Woody and Lol's wedding, but all is not well and things aren't helped when Meggy has a sudden crisis. Lava lamps will fly, wreaths will be stolen, and old desires will be rekindled...

  • Episode 2

    Shaun is having a great time; the World Cup is hotting up, he has friends back and a new job in the burgeoning VHS industry.

  • Episode 3

    Shaun has rejected his mum and is living rough, while Lol's world is falling apart and her dad shows his true colours.

  • Episode 4

    Woody and Lol get back together, leading Woody to believe he's now ready to marry the woman he loves. Shaun and Smell finally come together, while Combo gets a chance to do something truly heroic.