Cult sci-fi drama with Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny. Two FBI agents seek to explain the unexplainable as they investigate paranormal cases. The truth is out there - they just need to find it.


Agent Scully believes there's a scientific explanation behind everything. Agent Mulder believes in the paranormal. Both are determined to uncover hidden truths as they investigate the X-Files.

Pilot: Agent Scully is instructed to debunk an FBI project that investigates paranormal cases

46 mins

Series 1 Episode 1

Deep Throat: A test pilot vanishes after exhibiting odd behaviour. Could it be linked to a conspiracy?

44 mins

Series 1 Episode 2

Squeeze: Mulder realises that a recent spate of murders has links to cases from 100 years ago

41 mins

Series 1 Episode 3

Conduit: Mulder obsesses over the case of a missing girl, who he's sure has been abducted by aliens

42 mins

Series 1 Episode 4

The Jersey Devil: An incident of cannibalism sees Mulder and Scully track a fabled beast across New Jersey

43 mins

Series 1 Episode 5

Shadows: Mulder and Scully meet a woman who seems to be protected by a powerful invisible force

44 mins

Series 1 Episode 6

Ghost in the Machine: A malevolent computer programme begins attacking the workers in an office building

43 mins

Series 1 Episode 7

Ice: A group of scientists die in the Arctic. Did they disturb something best left alone?

44 mins

Series 1 Episode 8

Space: An unworldly force may be behind several sabotage attempts against NASA space shuttles

45 mins

Series 1 Episode 9

Fallen Angel: The X-Files project is jeopardised when Mulder gets caught infiltrating a UFO crash site

44 mins

Series 1 Episode 10

Eve: Two girls disappear after their fathers are killed in identical fashion - 3000 miles apart

44 mins

Series 1 Episode 11

Fire: An old flame of Mulder's seeks help catching a murderer targeting British dignitaries

43 mins

Series 1 Episode 12

Beyond the Sea: Scully turns believer when a prisoner says his psychic powers can help capture a killer

44 mins

Series 1 Episode 13

Gender Bender: The hunt for a killer who seems to swap genders leads to an isolated religious group

43 mins

Series 1 Episode 14

Lazarus: An FBI agent takes on a dead bank robber's personality traits

44 mins

Series 1 Episode 15

Young at Heart: Mulder is stalked by a criminal from his past - who's meant to be dead

44 mins

Series 1 Episode 16

E.B.E.: Mulder and Scully attempt to trace the transport of an extraterrestrial biological entity

43 mins

Series 1 Episode 17

Miracle Man: A minister's son seemingly possesses the power to heal - and kill - using touch

44 mins

Series 1 Episode 18

Shapes: The agents explore rumours about a shapeshifter that can transform from man into beast

44 mins

Series 1 Episode 19

Darkness Falls: Loggers in a remote forest fall victim to thousands of deadly insect-like creatures

42 mins

Series 1 Episode 20