The West Wing
Series 5 Episode 3

When he realises his first choice for Vice President faces an uphill battle for nomination, Bartlet suggests a replacement. But his staff are less than thrilled by the compromise.

7A WF 83429: As the search for Zoey continues, Walken takes a dangerously hard line with the kidnappers

First shown: Tue 20 Jul 2004 | 40 mins

The Dogs of War: Walken orders the bombardment of Qumari terrorist camps

First shown: Tue 27 Jul 2004 | 40 mins

Jefferson Lives: Bartlet is forced to compromise when it comes to choosing a new Vice President

First shown: Tue 3 Aug 2004 | 42 mins

Han: The potential defection of a prominent North Korean pianist concerns Leo

First shown: Tue 10 Aug 2004 | 41 mins

Constituency of One: Josh clashes with a conservative senator over a backlog of military promotions

First shown: Tue 17 Aug 2004 | 41 mins

Disaster Relief: While Bartlet visits tornado victims, Leo's left to handle several crises in the capital

First shown: Tue 24 Aug 2004 | 41 mins

Separation of Powers: Toby dispatches Joe Quincy to try and persuade the elderly Chief Justice to retire

First shown: Tue 31 Aug 2004 | 41 mins

Shutdown: A disastrous fiscal crisis looms when the federal government is shut down

First shown: Tue 7 Sep 2004 | 41 mins

Abu El Banat: The Bartlet clan gathers for the holiday but a situation in Sudan occupies the President

First shown: Tue 14 Sep 2004 | 42 mins

The Stormy Present: Bartlet travels to the funeral of a former President with the two surviving ex-Presidents

First shown: Tue 21 Sep 2004 | 41 mins