The West Wing
Series 2 Episode 22

As the President mourns the loss of one of his oldest companions, the military crisis in Haiti escalates and news about Bartlet's illness is finally made public

In the Shadow of Two Gunmen: Part I: An assassination attempt leaves President Bartlet and his staff in turmoil

First shown: Tue 12 Jun 2001 | 42 mins

In the Shadow of Two Gunmen: Part II: As surgeons try to save Josh's life, an investigation reveals the gunmen's real target

First shown: Tue 19 Jun 2001 | 41 mins

The Midterms: The team prepare for the crucial midterm Congressional elections. Josh recovers at home.

First shown: Tue 26 Jun 2001 | 42 mins

In This White House: Bartlet shocks his team by ordering Leo to hire a Republican political analyst

First shown: Tue 3 Jul 2001 | 42 mins

And It's Surely to Their Credit: Lone Republican staffer Ainsley endures a particularly rough first day on the job

First shown: Tue 10 Jul 2001 | 42 mins

The Lame Duck Congress: Bartlet considers extraordinary measures in order to force a nuclear test-ban treaty

First shown: Tue 17 Jul 2001 | 41 mins

The Portland Trip: While Bartlet travels to deliver an important speech, Leo monitors a precarious situation

First shown: Tue 24 Jul 2001 | 41 mins

Shibboleth: As Thanksgiving nears, Bartlet decides the fate of a group of persecuted asylum seekers

First shown: Tue 31 Jul 2001 | 41 mins

Galileo: An explosion in Russia causes concern as evidence shows it occurred at a nuclear facility

First shown: Tue 7 Aug 2001 | 41 mins

Noel: On Christmas Eve, a concerned Leo orders a reluctant Josh to meet with a trauma specialist

First shown: Tue 14 Aug 2001 | 42 mins