The West Wing
Series 2 Episode 8

As Thanksgiving approaches, the President must decide the fate of a group of persecuted Chinese immigrants seeking asylum in the US

In the Shadow of Two Gunmen: Part I: An assassination attempt leaves President Bartlet and his staff in turmoil

First shown: Tue 12 Jun 2001 | 42 mins

In the Shadow of Two Gunmen: Part II: As surgeons try to save Josh's life, an investigation reveals the gunmen's real target

First shown: Tue 19 Jun 2001 | 41 mins

The Midterms: The team prepare for the crucial midterm Congressional elections. Josh recovers at home.

First shown: Tue 26 Jun 2001 | 42 mins

In This White House: Bartlet shocks his team by ordering Leo to hire a Republican political analyst

First shown: Tue 3 Jul 2001 | 42 mins

And It's Surely to Their Credit: Lone Republican staffer Ainsley endures a particularly rough first day on the job

First shown: Tue 10 Jul 2001 | 42 mins

The Lame Duck Congress: Bartlet considers extraordinary measures in order to force a nuclear test-ban treaty

First shown: Tue 17 Jul 2001 | 41 mins

The Portland Trip: While Bartlet travels to deliver an important speech, Leo monitors a precarious situation

First shown: Tue 24 Jul 2001 | 41 mins

Shibboleth: As Thanksgiving nears, Bartlet decides the fate of a group of persecuted asylum seekers

First shown: Tue 31 Jul 2001 | 41 mins

Galileo: An explosion in Russia causes concern as evidence shows it occurred at a nuclear facility

First shown: Tue 7 Aug 2001 | 41 mins

Noel: On Christmas Eve, a concerned Leo orders a reluctant Josh to meet with a trauma specialist

First shown: Tue 14 Aug 2001 | 42 mins