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Two all-American teens, along with their caustic and self-centred father Dr Venture, spend most of their time hopping from one adventure to the next


Two all-American teens spend most of their time hopping from one adventure to the next

The Venture Family visits Tijuana for Dr Venture's lecture at the University of Mexico

21 mins

Dia De Los Dangerous

The Venture family must travel to space to repair an orbiting space station

21 mins

Careers In Science

Dr Venture builds a panic room and a robotic bodyguard to protect the family compound

22 mins

Home Insecurity

Dr Venture is offered a job by theme park owner and cartoon magnate Roy Brisby

22 mins

The Incredible Mr Brisby

Dr Orpheus may be the only one who can help after Dr Venture's experiment goes wrong

22 mins

Eeney, Meeney, Miney...Magic!

Doc's experimental equipment awakens the submerged ghost of Major Tom

22 mins

Ghosts Of The Sargasso

Dr Venture, Pete White and Master Billy Quizboy take part in a government think tank

22 mins

Ice Station Impossible

The Monarch sends Dr Girlfriend undercover to seduce Dr Venture

21 mins

Midlife Chrysalis

The Monarch has the Ventures right where he wants them: upside down above the Amazon

22 mins

Are You There God, It's Me, Dean

Dr Venture decides to unload some of his father's old scientific equipment in a yard sale

22 mins

Tag Sale, You're It!

The boys turn to the original Team Venture after Brock and Dr Venture are kidnapped

22 mins

Past Tense

The Monarch is on trial for the one crime he may not have committed

22 mins

The Trial Of The Monarch

Dr Venture finally learns the secret of his recurring womb nightmares

22 mins

Return To Spider-Skull Island