The Unlikely Bikers

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      The Reverend

      Ray Biddiss has found a unique way to combine the two passions in his life

      This episode is subtitled4 mins 05
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      The Glamour Model

      Candice loves nothing more than to slip into her leathers and enjoy a thrill ride

      3 mins 11
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      The Crusader

      Leo Chester uses his bike to bring balance to his life whilst spreading the word

      This episode is subtitled3 mins 56
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      The Bionic Woman

      Claire Lomas has swapped one horse power for another after a life-changing accident

      This episode is subtitled3 mins 33
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      The Legal Eagle

      Andrew Dalton prefers to swap his courtroom wig for his crash helmet whenever he can

      This episode is subtitled3 mins 04
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      The Suit

      Joyan may work as a smartly dressed business woman but is at heart a leather clad biker

      This episode is subtitled2 mins 53