The Secrets of Sleep

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    Episode 1 - Nightmares and Sleepwalkers

    Michael gets trapped in his own nightmares. Phil collapses whenever he has a strong emotion. Nancy sleepwalks her way into danger almost every night. Can the sleep gurus help?

    Strong languageThis episode is subtitled47 mins
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    Episode 2 - Trauma, Panic & Snoring

    Jess hasn't slept properly for 10 years, since she witnessed a traumatic accident. Mike wakes in a panic several times a night. Lisa suffers from epic snoring . Can the experts ease their troubles?

    Strong language and adult contentThis episode is subtitled47 mins
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    Episode 3 - Narcolepsy & Night Terrors

    After 25 years of sleep attacks, Yvette has been diagnosed with narcolepsy. And Laura's horrifying night terrors keep her trapped in her bedroom. Can the sleep experts help?

    This episode is subtitled47 mins