Observational documentary series capturing, in incredible detail, the remarkable behaviour of the animals at Chester Zoo, and their relationships with their keepers


An elderly chameleon gets a boost when matched with a pair of lively females

First shown: Sat 6 Nov 2021 | 47 mins

Difficult Dates

More memorable moments from Chester Zoo as a baby elephant is treated for a deadly virus

First shown: Sat 30 Oct 2021 | 47 mins

Medical Mysteries

A look at some memorable moments of animals behaving badly at Chester Zoo

First shown: Sat 23 Oct 2021 | 47 mins

Bad Behaviour

A look at some memorable new families, from a rare breed of horse to red pandas

First shown: Sat 16 Oct 2021 | 47 mins

First Time Parents

A look back at some memorable moments including chimps in a power struggle

First shown: Sun 22 Aug 2021 | 47 mins

Power Play

A look back at some of Chester Zoo's expert escapologists

First shown: Wed 9 Sep 2020 | 47 mins

Great Escapes

Some of the zoo's animals are happily together forever, including penguins Rudd and Spike

First shown: Wed 2 Sep 2020 | 47 mins

Together Forever

Asian elephant Thi is pregnant with her ninth baby

First shown: Wed 26 Aug 2020 | 47 mins

Extraordinary Births

Find out more about some of everyone's favourites, including Rud and Spike the penguins

First shown: Thu 28 Jan 2016 | 2 mins

Extra: The Stars of the Zoo

Can they live together in harmonious cohabitation? Watch them in action.

First shown: Thu 28 Jan 2016 | 2 mins

Extra: Meerkats vs Porcupines