The Restoration Man

  • Bath Lodge

    George Clarke, in his quest to help owners breathe new life into neglected buildings, meets builder Mark Horton, who is trying to turn an 18th-century folly, Bath Lodge, into a luxury home.

  • Church

    In Pembrokeshire, George Clarke meets Gareth Williams, who, despite no previous building experience, plans to convert a disused church; all by himself and on a shoestring budget.

  • Windmill

    George Clarke meets Clive and Jane, who dream of retiring and making their new home in a derelict windmill in Anglesey. But the build suddenly comes to a halt as personal tragedy strikes.

  • Towers

    George Clarke advises artist Sarah in Kent, and ex-army man Barrie in Scotland, both of whom own derelict military towers and dream of converting them into unique homes.

  • Field House

    Childhood sweethearts Chris and Sue have a dream of uniting their two families in a converted field house. But, as the stresses mount, could their fairytale story have an unhappy ending?

  • Gate Lodge

    Former heavyweight boxer Scott Welch hopes to transform Thorington Gate Lodge in Suffolk into a 21st-century home. Can George Clarke help his dream come true?

  • Coach House

    Lisa and Darren Walker dream of converting a coach house in East Sussex into a unique home. But it soon becomes clear that the restoration won't be as straightforward as they had hoped.

  • Ice House

    George Clarke follows Laird Henderson's bid to turn his remote Scottish 19th-century ice house into an idyllic 21st-century glass hideaway.

  • Medieval Hall and Mansion

    George Clarke advises a couple who dream of converting a Grade I listed medieval hall into a unique home, and meets another pair who have fallen in love with a neglected 70-room mansion.

  • Reeds Windmill, Kent

    George Clarke returns for a second series with a wide range of families and brand new restoration projects, starting with Pete and Nikki and a derelict windmill in Kent.

  • Church, Eden Valley

    Scientist Phil Evans and his wife Joanne take a huge financial gamble and buy a Grade II-listed gothic revival rural parish church in the Eden Valley, aiming to turn it into a dream home

  • Water Tower, Congleton, Cheshire

    George meets architect Andy and girlfriend Ana, who are trying to restore a listed water tower in Congleton, Cheshire into an uber-modern 21st century home. But at what personal cost?

  • Engine House, Oxfordshire

    George Clarke meets Tim and Emma Verdon, who want to convert an old Victorian brickworks in the heart of rural Oxfordshire into a home. But the house currently doesn't even have a roof.

  • Towers revisit

    George revisits two stubborn romantics with their dreams of converting derelict military towers into unique homes, one in Kent, and the other in Scotland.

  • Medieval Hall, Vale of Glamorgan revisit

    George Clarke revisits Simon Hooper and his partner Victoria in Cardiff to catch up on their dream of converting a Grade I listed medieval hall into a unique home.

  • Water Tower, Settle

    Mark Rand and his wife Pat's dreams of converting a water tower on the Settle-Carlisle railway line faces a battle with the planners which threatens to derail the whole project

  • Chapel, Pembrokeshire revisit

    George revisits Gareth and his family in their restored Victorian Welsh chapel. Is church living all it's cracked up to be?

  • Bathlodge, Ormskirk revisit

    Architect George Clarke revisits a couple whose dream of restoring a Victorian Gothic church at the foot of the Pennines was beset by bad weather and budget problems. How have they got on?

  • Ice House, Scotland revisit

    Architect George Clarke returns to a remote 19th-century Scottish ice house after two years to catch up with owner Laird Henderson

  • Gothic Church, Pennines revisit

    Architect George Clarke revisits a couple whose dream of restoring a Victorian Gothic church at the foot of the Pennines was beset by bad weather and budget problems. How have they got on?

  • Oast House

    George meets James and Lois Denning, who are converting a stunning abandoned oast house on an historic estate which has been in James' family for the last 234 years

  • Berneray Church, Outer Hebrides

    In the Outer Hebrides, Keith and Sheena are converting a church into a holiday home and artist's studio that makes the most of the rugged landscape. But can they keep the neighbours onside?

  • Longhurst Lodge, Surrey

    It was love at first sight when theatre producer Vanessa and partner Nik saw Longhurst Lodge, a Victorian gate lodge on a country estate in Surrey. George Clarke is on hand for advice and support.

  • Thrum

    Dave and Margaret Hedley are restoring an old watermill in the North East. But with floods and Margaret's life-threatening illness to contend with, will they ever call this watermill home?

  • Pig Barn

    David and Judith Ward take up the challenge of restoring a dilapidated pig barn across the road from their daughter's farmhouse in order to be nearer to their grandchildren

  • Water Tower, Settle - Revisit

    George Clarke returns to North Yorkshire to catch up with the retired policeman and his wife who took on the challenging restoration of a railway water tower at Settle station

  • Pumping Station

    George Clarke returns, offering assistance to Alison and Matthew Grey, whose redevelopment of a pumping station is threatened by spiralling costs

  • Flint Mill

    Alan Appleby and his wife Dora are restoration experts, but they've never taken on a project this ambitious. They've saved a flint mill in Stone, Staffordshire that's on the verge of falling down.

  • Fisherman's Church

    Architect Neil Worrell and his partner Jackie Robinson take on a restoration of a forgotten church in the fishing town of Brixham, Devon, that pushes them to their limits

  • Welsh School

    Recession-hit builders Ian and Jayne Hall Edwards face a massive battle converting a huge derelict Victorian school in a Welsh village in Carmarthenshire into both a place of business and a home

  • Cow Barn

    Marco and Kath Walker take over a pair of Grade II listed 17th and 18th century cow barns from their local farmer in Wellington, Herefordshire

  • RAF Bunker

    Furniture maker Jamie Brown has big ideas about turning a colossal and historic 15,000 square foot RAF bunker from World War II into his new home

  • Telford Church Revisit

    George Clarke revisits Keith and Sheena McIntyre. They fought through terrible conditions to restore a church on the remote island of Berneray in the Outer Hebrides.

  • Water Mill

    George returns to Thrum Mill to meet Dave and Margaret Heldey who have battled through flooding and serious illness to restore one of Northumberland's most stunning but abandoned water mills

  • Shropshire Farmhouse

    George meets Russell Edwards and Nadia Smith, who have put everything into turning a derelict farmhouse in the Shropshire countryside into a family home

  • Tudor Revival School, Essex

    Jim and Bee Goody have taken a heart-stopping gamble with their project to turn a derelict Tudor revival school in Essex into their dream home in the country

  • HMS Owl

    Justin and Charlotte have a dramatic vision for transforming a derelict World War II airfield tower in the Scottish Highlands. But just fixing the windows takes nearly half the budget.

  • Pannal Water Tower

    Yorkshire couple Carol and Majid embark on an ambitious adventure, transforming a brick water tower into a five-storey home. But unexpected costs and legal problems hit the project.

  • Longhurst Lodge Revisit

    George catches up with Nik and Vanessa and their immaculate 19th century gatehouse cottage that was so tiny they couldn't fit a proper bathroom inside

  • Welsh School Revisit

    George catches up with Ian and Jayne, who bought a large derelict Victorian school in the valleys of west Wales to convert into a home and a site for their new eco business

  • Best Builds: Church Conversions

    George chooses his favourite church conversions, including an old fisherman's church in Devon, a medieval Welsh chapel, and an arts retreat in the Outer Hebrides

  • Best Builds: Industrial

    George Clarke looks back at four incredible industrial conversions, including barns, mills, an ice house and a Victorian pumping station.

  • Best Builds: Towers

    George looks back at some of the most dramatic tower conversions from the show, including a Georgian windmill, a railway water tower and a fortified structure in Scotland

  • Baptist Church 2016

    George visits Colin and Emma Clewes at their Edwardian Baptist church in the Pennine village of Oxenhope. How well will their conversion scheme progress?

  • Railway Station 2016

    George Clarke visits Lee Head at his Victorian railway station project in Northumberland. Will the conversion turn out to be the opportunity of a lifetime?

  • Gazebo Tower

    Bruce Woodall started restoring a Georgian gazebo tower on top of Pembroke's medieval city walls 30 years ago. But recent planning laws threaten to shut down the build for good.

  • Methodist Church and Sunday School

    In Harrogate, restoration novices Mark and Laura have hatched a plan to turn two beautiful church buildings into family homes. But will their high standards prove too costly?

  • Harrogate Revisit 2016

    George catches up with Carol and Majid's brick water-tower conversion. Has the heritage property combined well with their 21st-century design innovations?

  • The Restoration Man

    In Herefordshire, Marco and Kath take on a tough project restoring a pair of listed period cow barns that are tumbling down, in a restoration that is beset with problems from the start

  • Berkshire Pumping Station

    George visits a Berkshire couple whose conversion of a 1930s pumping station into a modern four-bed home tests them to the limit

  • Cheshire Water Tower 2017

    A Cheshire couple battle to turn an 85 foot art deco water tower into a six-storey house they'll never want to leave. And then, what kind of furniture will they fill it with?

  • Lancashire Water Filtration Plant

    Matt and his future father-in-law Mike pool their resources to convert a huge water filtration plant into two semi-detached houses, sharing an internal garden atrium

  • Church Hall Barn 2017

    Jude McKelvey wants to restore a dilapidated but listed 17th-century barn to its former glory, while also creating a family home to share with her two boys

  • Old Fisherman's Church Revisit 2017

    George catches up with Neil and Jackie at their old fisherman's church in Brixham, Devon, and discovers how the restoration project changed their lives beyond recognition

  • HMS Owl Revisit 2017

    George Clarke catches up on a tricky, cash-strapped restoration of a derelict wartime airfield control tower in Scotland. Can a concrete military structure be converted into a family home?

  • Thrum Mill Second Revisit 2017

    George Clarke makes a second return to an epic, meticulous restoration project eight years in the making, involving a converted picturesque riverside water mill in Northumberland

  • Methodist Church Revisit 2017

    George catches up with Mark and Laura and their spectacular Methodist church and Sunday school conversion project in Harrogate