The Prancing Elites Project

    • Episode 1 - We Came to Dance

      Inspired by NeNe Leakes, the Elites stand up to objections by showing who they are at a local parade

    • Episode 2 - Prance to the Beat

      After being rejected by all-female dance competitions, the Prancing Elites create an event for men and women to compete against each other, but one member gets sick at the last minute

    • Episode 3 - Buckin' in the Bayou

      The Prancing Elites have big dreams of performing in front of a stadium-size crowd - so they travel to New Orleans to perform in the Bayou Classic... and won't take no for an answer

    • Episode 4 - Secret Society Soiree

      The Prancing Elites get the opportunity to impress Mobile's greatest secret society

    • Episode 5 - Ready, J-Sette, Go!

      The Prancing Elites return to the Jackson Black Pride J-Sette Dance Championship to defend their title. But will Kareem's health keep him out of the competition?

    • Episode 6 - Prance on the Water

      The Prancing Elites book a gig on a dinner cruise boat, but the job hangs on their ability to help promote the event and recruit enough customers. Kareem finally reveals the secret he's been keeping.

    • Episode 7 - Shatter the Stigma

      After his diagnosis as HIV positive, Kareem and his team put together an HIV Awareness Event. Kentrell shares his desire to be a dad and gets a taste of parenting with the help of a plastic baby.

    • Episode 8 - Beer, Bands and Bingo

      Unhappy about Kentrell's recent bookings, Jerel books the team a new gig at a Western Bingo Bar. Adrian gets a full time job. How will she balance working full time and dancing with the team?

    • Episode 9 - Wedding Crashers

      Tim is heartbroken from breaking up with her boyfriend after he does something unthinkable. The Elites say I DO when asked to perform at a Mardi Gras-themed wedding.

    • Episode 10 - Prancing with the Stars

      Hoping to take the Elites to a new level, the group heads to Los Angeles to audition for a music video and meets with a media coach to prepare for a radio interview.

    • Episode 11 - Reignite the Spark

      As the team prepares for their first co-ed competition, a hostile crowd and friction within is hard to overcome. Will the team rediscover their passion and rise to the top or crumble under pressure?

    • Episode 12 - Keep Prancing On...

      As Mardi Gras season comes to a close, the Prancing Elites are left without a parade invitation. Captain Kentrell makes a final plea, but will he be able to lock down an offer in time?