The Other Mother

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    Walter's Intro

    A classy psychological thriller from France that is heart-wrenching and intriguing in equal measure, with the key to the mystery placed in the unreliable memory and visions of a small child.

    Graphic imagesThis episode is subtitled2 mins 07
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    Episode 1

    Child psychologist Vasile is disturbed when he sees three-year-old Malone's artwork. And he decides to go to the police after Malone tells him that his mother is not his mother.

    Strong language, scenes of violence and scenes of a sexual natureThis episode is subtitled48 mins
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    Episode 2

    Vasile is convinced that Malone has been swapped for another boy and tries to find the places the child draws. Marianne's team may have a chance to arrest a suspect in the robbery.

    Strong language and scenes of violenceThis episode is subtitled54 mins
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    Episode 3

    Is there a connection between the criminals from the Deauville heist and Malone? Meanwhile, Vasile tells Marianne what he has found and expresses doubts about Dimitri.

    Strong language, scenes of violence and scenes of a sexual natureThis episode is subtitled54 mins
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    Episode 4

    Marianne is horrified when she learns the identity of the burnt biker. She should drop the investigation but Papy agrees to cover for her, and the police soon turn their attention to Dimitri.

    Strong language, violence and graphic imagesThis episode is subtitled49 mins
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    Episode 5

    When Papy decides to follow the trail of suspects in the robbery, he finds a child who strangely resembles Malone. Meanwhile, Zerda realizes that Malone could identify him at any time.

    Strong language, scenes of a sexual nature and violent scenesThis episode is subtitled51 mins
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    Episode 6

    When Malone takes shelter in the vats, Amanda goes after him and Zerda must intervene. Angie, Amanda and Marianne are inextricably linked: each woman faces an impossible choice.

    Strong language, graphic images and violenceThis episode is subtitled53 mins