The Male Body Handbook

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      Straight (adj.) - heterosexual, not gay

      Strong language and discussions of a sexual natureThis episode is subtitled3 mins 43
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      Bear (n.) - a large, hairy gay man

      Nudity and strong languageThis episode is subtitled3 mins 57
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      Infected (adj.) - containing substances that cause disease

      Strong language and some nudityThis episode is subtitled3 mins 39
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      Drag Queen

      Drag Queen (n.) - male performer who dresses as a woman to entertain the public

      Strong language, discussions of a sexual nature and some nudityThis episode is subtitled3 mins 56
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      Marriage (n.) - union between persons that is recognised by the law, custom or religious tradition

      Strong language, nudity & sexual contentThis episode is subtitled3 mins 47
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      Tattooed (adj.) - marked with permanent images on the skin

      Strong languageThis episode is subtitled4 mins 48