'Ploppers'? Nope. 'Motherflipping Gun'? Nope. So what have we included in this ludicrous display of humour from Moss? Here are some of our favourites (note turning your computer off and on again won't change this list).

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S1-Ep2: 0118 999...

Moss deals with the fire emergency the the only way he knows how - by sending an email.

S4-Ep2: Street Countdown

While introducing Roy to Countdown's subculture at the 8+ Club, things turn ugly for Moss.

S2-Ep4: Peter File

'Peter File' doesn't sound anything like 'paedophile'. Peter File. No similarity at all. Moss helps clear things up.

S3-Ep3: Coffee

Think fast, Roy! Moss' coffee prank on his bad-tempered, unlucky colleague doesn't quite go to plan.

S4-Ep6: Moss Testifies

A visible bundle of nerves, Moss defends Douglas with the power of slapstick.

S3-Ep2: Kissing

When Roy and Moss find themselves wanted for armed robbery, there's only one way to escape the hot fuzz...

S4-Ep5: Bomb Disposal Robot

Roy and Moss become juvenile delinquents for the day, but what the heck is a robot doing in the wild?

S3-Ep4: The Internet

Moss introduces Jen to a new concept in business technology: The Internet.

This was a near impossible task to pick just eight, so tell us your favourite Moss moments on Twitter using #ITCrowd.

Want to relive all the laughs? Watch The IT Crowd box set FOR FREE on All 4.

Watch The IT Crowd box set on All 4 For Free