Simon has some life changing news - cue music from Series 3 (below) or on the E4 Spotify app. The boys deal with it by going camping.

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  • Simon’s family meeting: Alexis Strum - Got a Grip on Me
  • The next day at school: I Am Arrows - Green Grass
  • Will discovers the Gilbert is a w*nker: Phoenix - Lisztomania
  • Simon snaps at the dinner lady: The Drums - Lets go Surfing
  • Simon calls Will, climbs through the window and legs it: Remi Nicole - Rock n Roll
  • The boys head off camping: Vincent Vincent and The Villains - Pretty Girl
  • The lads arrive at the lake: Hungry kids of Hungary - Let You On
  • Neil gets emotional, end of part one: Thom Stone - Give a Little Love
  • Part 2: Phoenix - Consolation Prizes
  • Will comes back to a raging inferno… of his stuff: Darwin Deez - Bad Day
  • Neil throws another chair onto the fire: I Am Arrows - Green Grass
  • They give in and play Monopoly and Jay goes to move the car: Thom Stone - She Knows
  • Simon finally loses it in the lake then comes out for a beer: Jamie T - Sticks and Stones
  • Simon gets a promising text from Carli: Stornoway - Zorbing
  • The boys start the long walk home, end credits: The Charlatans – Just when You’re Thinking Things Over