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  • Jay’s parents go out: Ting Tings – Be the One
  • Benjy stares at Jay, Will hides his teddy fiasco: Rod Thomas - Same Old Lines
  • Wee Cum Tit Village: Phoenix - Lisztomania
  • Will goes to see Gilbert: The Drums - Lets go Surfing
  • The boys outside the shop: Alan Pownall - Life worth Living
  • Will’s mum really leaves: Daisy Dares You - Talk About the Weather
  • Jay tries to lose Benjy: Two Door Cinema Club – Something Good Can Work
  • The boys leave for the Pussy Patrol: Rod Thomas - Same Old Lines
  • In Jay’s Mum’s car: Disturbing the Peace – Move Bitch
  • Dead squirrel, end of part one: Hungry Kids of Hungary - Wristwatch
  • Part 2, at Will’s house: The Coopers – Ripples
  • The lads play golf with Will’s mum’s flowers then go out again: Pete and the Pirates - Mr Understanding
  • They run from the fat old sh*t and go to bed: Kid British – Sunny Days
  • The boys crawl to the kitchen, and then from Neil’s fart: The Drums - Lets go Surfing
  • End credits: General Fiasco – Ever So Shy