ROAD TRIP! Simon takes to the road for his ongoing mission to lose his virginity. Listen to the sounds from Series 3 that rallied him on or on the E4 Spotify app.

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  • Simon and Tara in Simon’s room: Daisy Dares You - Talk About the Weather
  • Simon embarrasses himself and slams his bedroom door: Ida Maria - Louie
  • Jay starts giving his sex tips: Scouting for Girls - Posh Girls
  • The start of the road trip: Kid British - She Will Leave
  • Neil shares his McFarts: Two Door Cinema Club - Something Good Can Work
  • Jay’s dutch story and end of part one: Alan Pownall - Life worth Living
  • Part two, Joe’s mates arrive: Born Ruffians - Hummingbird
  • Will meets the admiral, commander and bombardier: Born Ruffians - Hummingbird
  • Jay’s euro-love advice and Will gets involved with the drinking games: Mystery Jets - Hand Me Down
  • More drinking games and Simon’s kitchen romp: Remi Nicole - Rock n Roll
  • Simon goes upstairs to the bathroom: Alan Pownall - Life worth Living
  • Will tucks in to his delicious little tree, Simon in bed with Tara and Neil getting emotional: Jamie T - Sticks and Stones
  • Jay won’t sleep: Darwin Deez - Bad Day
  • Simon goes mental: Remi Nicole - Rock n Roll
  • The lads drive home the next morning, end credits: OK Go - Don't Ask Me