The Great Pottery Throw Down
Series 5 Episode 3

The remaining potters make inanimate objects and judges Keith Brymer Jones and Rich Miller pay tribute to the pottery hometown of Stoke, as they set a bottle kiln challenge

The Final: Garden Totem Sculpture & a Devil's Work Challenge: The potters take on garden totems and a devil's work challenge before the winner's crowned

First shown: Sun 6 Mar 2022 | 56 mins

Urinals and Wedgwood Jasperware: It's the semi-final and the potters make urinals and recreate iconic Wedgwood Jasperware

First shown: Sun 27 Feb 2022 | 56 mins

Self-Sculpture, Sawdust Kilns and Candlesticks: Whose self-sculpture, sawdust kiln and candlestick will get them into the semi-final?

First shown: Sun 20 Feb 2022 | 56 mins

Wildlife Week and Hand-Built Table Lamps: The potters go wild in a Throw Down first and get a surprise visit from a familiar face

First shown: Sun 13 Feb 2022 | 56 mins

1960s Glazed Vessels & Repeating Patterns: The potters make psychedelic glazed vessels and have their repeating-pattern skills tested

First shown: Sun 6 Feb 2022 | 56 mins

Character Gnomes and a Sea Kale Forcer: It's Garden Week and the potters make a trio of character gnomes and a sea kale forcer

First shown: Sun 30 Jan 2022 | 56 mins

Japanese Tea Set & a Handle Pulling Challenge: It's Raku week and the potters throw Japanese-inspired tea sets and take on handle pulling

First shown: Sun 23 Jan 2022 | 56 mins

Inanimate Objects and a Bottle Kiln Challenge: The remaining potters make inanimate objects and take on a bottle kiln challenge

First shown: Sun 16 Jan 2022 | 56 mins

Pendulum Wall Clock: The 11 remaining potters hand-build a pendulum wall clock and face a surprise challenge

First shown: Sun 9 Jan 2022 | 56 mins

Crockery Set and Ceramic Milk Bottles: The 12 brand-new potters throw a children's crockery set and ceramic milk bottles

First shown: Sun 2 Jan 2022 | 56 mins