The Great Pottery Throw Down
Twelve of Britain's best home potters compete to be crowned best at the wheel

Twelve home potters compete in the battle of the clay to become champion of the pottery

The Final: The finalists create striking chandeliers. Who will shine and be crowned the 2024 winner?

First shown: Sun 10 Mar 2024 | 56 mins

Bathroom Week: Who'll take the plunge in the infamous toilet challenge for a place in the final?

First shown: Sun 3 Mar 2024 | 56 mins

Vintage Water Filters and a Coffee Filter: The quarter-finalists make vintage-style water filters fired in their own oil drum kilns

First shown: Sun 25 Feb 2024 | 56 mins

Illuminating Light Sculptures: The potters create illuminated sculptures. But whose time in the spotlight is up?

First shown: Sun 18 Feb 2024 | 56 mins

Novelty Teapots and Majolica Mugs: The potters make novelty teapots and majolica mugs. Whose brew will get them through?

First shown: Sun 11 Feb 2024 | 56 mins

Water Features and Hedgehog Houses: It's Garden Week. Whose water feature will the judges be gushing over?

First shown: Sun 4 Feb 2024 | 56 mins

Raku Week and Animal Busts: Whose animal bust will the judges go wild for and name potter of Raku week?

First shown: Sun 28 Jan 2024 | 56 mins

Staffordshire Flatbacks and a Surprise Challenge: Whose mantlepiece classic will take pride of place, and who will be left on the shelf?

First shown: Sun 21 Jan 2024 | 56 mins

Gluggle Jugs and a Surprise Blindfold Challenge: The potters attempt the popular gluggle jug and face a surprise blindfold challenge

First shown: Sun 14 Jan 2024 | 56 mins

Roast Dinner Set and Identical Side Plates: Whose dinner set and identical side plates will get roasted and served?

First shown: Sun 7 Jan 2024 | 56 mins