The Great British Bake Off: Festive Specials
The Great Festive Bake Off 2017/18

More merry bakers from Bake Off past - Benjamina and Rav (2016), Rob (2012), and Sandy (2015) - join Paul, Prue, Noel and Sandi to compete in a winter wonderland-themed challenge

Maxy, Jürgen, Maggie and Mark from Bake Off past compete to become 2024's first Star Baker

First shown: Mon 1 Jan 2024 | 58 mins

Paul and Prue celebrate Christmas 2023 with the 'Baker Ghosts of Christmas Past'

First shown: Sun 24 Dec 2023 | 58 mins

Bake Off stars from across the years battle it out to win the first Star Baker of 2023

First shown: Sun 1 Jan 2023 | 58 mins

Famous faces from Channel 4 history compete for the Christmas Star Baker title

First shown: Sat 24 Dec 2022 | 58 mins

Paul, Prue, Matt and Noel see in the New Year with bakers Kim-Joy, Jon, Hermine and Rowan

First shown: Sat 1 Jan 2022 | 58 mins

It's A Sin stars celebrate Christmas in the tent. Plus: the London Community Gospel Choir.

First shown: Sat 25 Dec 2021 | 58 mins

Noel, Matt, Prue and Paul see in the New Year with bakers Helena, Henry, Nancy and Rahul

First shown: Sun 3 Jan 2021 | 58 mins

Paul, Prue, Matt Lucas, Tom Allen and some past bakers celebrate Christmas in the tent

First shown: Thu 24 Dec 2020 | 57 mins

Noel, Sandi, Prue and Paul welcome the cast of Derry Girls to the festive tent

First shown: Wed 1 Jan 2020 | 58 mins

Noel, Sandi, Prue and Paul gather for their traditional festive get-together

First shown: Wed 25 Dec 2019 | 58 mins