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Australian bakers compete to impress judges Maggie Beer and Matt Moran


Judges Maggie Beer and Matt Moran are back for the fifth series of the Australian version of Bake Off, joined by presenters Mel Buttle and Claire Hooper

It's the final, and the contestants compete to become the best amateur baker in Australia

First shown: Sun 20 Mar 2022 | 66 mins

Series 5 Episode 10

It's the semi-final and the last four bakers get ready for Party Week

First shown: Sat 19 Mar 2022 | 55 mins

Series 5 Episode 9

In Hybrid Week, the bakers make chounuts and croissants spliced with muffins

First shown: Sun 13 Mar 2022 | 54 mins

Series 5 Episode 8

It's Spice Week. A showstopping dessert tower leaves some bakers in a sticky situation.

First shown: Sat 12 Mar 2022 | 55 mins

Series 5 Episode 7

In the notoriously tricky Patisserie Week, the bakers put their skills to the test

First shown: Sun 6 Mar 2022 | 54 mins

Series 5 Episode 6

In Classics Week the bakers face a flan in the Technical and a chiffon cake Showstopper

First shown: Sat 5 Mar 2022 | 54 mins

Series 5 Episode 5

It's time for a mammoth 48-cupcake Showstopper in Vegan Week

First shown: Mon 28 Feb 2022 | 54 mins

Series 5 Episode 4

For Biscuit Week, the bakers tackle a chocolatey Signature and a biscuit box Showstopper

First shown: Sun 27 Feb 2022 | 56 mins

Series 5 Episode 3

The bakers tackle a scrolls Signature followed by rye and beetroot bread in the Technical

First shown: Sun 20 Feb 2022 | 61 mins

Series 5 Episode 2

It's Cake Week for a new batch of bakers, with butter, raffa and illusion cake on the menu

First shown: Sun 13 Feb 2022 | 67 mins

Series 5 Episode 1