The Clinton Affair

  • Episode 1 - Handing the Sword to the Enemy

    Democrats retake the White House after 12 years of Republican control, but the scandals that plagued Bill Clinton during the presidential election campaign follow him to Washington in 1993

  • Episode 2 - The Blue Pass

    Republicans take control of the House of Representatives. Bill Clinton's flirtation with Monica Lewinsky escalates but as the 1996 presidential election heats up, she is transferred to the Pentagon.

  • Episode 3 - Mixed Messages

    Monica Lewinsky confides in her co-worker Linda Tripp about the details of her relationship with President Clinton. Newsweek reporter Michael Isikoff hears of the president's affair.

  • Episode 4 - Room 1012

    Ken Starr and the FBI wire Linda Tripp for a private meeting with Monica Lewinsky. Two days later, Lewinsky is detained by FBI agents at the Pentagon Mall and interrogated for nearly 12 hours.

  • Episode 5 - State of the Union

    President Clinton is surprised during the Paula Jones case as her lawyers reveal their detailed knowledge of his relationship with Monica Lewinsky. Those details leak and flood the mainstream media.

  • Episode 6 - The Will of the People

    President Bill Clinton's past statements come home to roost as Independent Counsel Ken Starr sends the Republican-led House his referral outlining the grounds for impeachment