The Border

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    Powerful and haunting Polish thriller about a border guard captain's struggle to uncover the truth about the deaths of his comrades, set in a beautiful and remote stretch of the Carpathian Mountains

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    Episode 1

    Captain Rebrow is the only survivor of a bomb attack on his border guard unit that kills his comrades and girlfriend. Injured and emotionally shattered, he tries to find out who organised the assault.

    Very strong language and violent scenesThis episode is subtitled41 mins
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    Episode 2

    Although not yet ruled out as a suspect in the bombing, Rebrow returns to active service. At his friend Luczak's cabin in the woods, he is shocked to find an earring belonging to his girlfriend Ewa.

    Very strong language and sexual scenesThis episode is subtitled38 mins
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    Episode 3

    Rebrow is convinced that Ewa is still alive and decides to search for her in the mountains, but he is spotted by new guard recruit Natalia and stumbles across a group of terrified illegal immigrants

    Very strong language and graphic scenesThis episode is subtitled45 mins

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    Episode 4

    Evidence emerges that Ewa survived the explosion and had been hiding in the forest for weeks. Another woman's body is found in the mountains, and this time she has a cross carved on her forehead.

    Very Strong language with graphic scenes and nudityThis episode is subtitled47 mins

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    Episode 5

    Rebrow's cigarette lighter is found at a murder scene. A search at a sawmill belonging to local gangster Kalita uncovers guns and explosives, and it seems that one of the weapons was used to kill Ewa.

    Very Strong language and graphic scenesThis episode is subtitled54 mins

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    Episode 6

    New evidence emerges about the guardhouse bombing. Knowing that he'll be transported to the crime scene for interrogation and may get an opportunity to flee, Rebrow makes a false confession to murder.

    Very Strong language and graphic scenesThis episode is subtitled51 mins