The Bizarre Fetish Handbook, Vol. 2

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      Urolagnia (n.): deriving sexual pleasure from sight or thought of urination

      This programme contains sexual themesThis episode is subtitled3 mins 58
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      Pagan (adj.): modern spiritual movement incorporating practices such as nature worship

      This programme contains sexual themes and use of flaming wand - do not try this at homeThis episode is subtitled4 mins 36
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      Formicophilia (n.): sexual interest in being crawled on by insects

      This programme contains strong sexual contentThis episode is subtitled4 mins 59
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      Vacuum Bed

      Vacuum Bed (n.): specialist bondage device which constrains partner with vacuum and latex

      This episode is subtitled2 mins 59
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      Medical Examination Fetish

      Medical Examination Fetish (n.): sexual stimulation from situations of a clinical nature

      Strong languageThis episode is subtitled3 mins 36
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      Muscle Worship

      Muscle Worship (n.): sexual interest in being controlled by physically stronger partner

      Scenes of a sexual natureThis episode is subtitled4 mins 14