The Big Bang Theory
Series 3 Episode 19

Leonard tells Penny that he loves her but doesn't get the response he hoped for. The gang go bowling and find that Sheldon's enemy Wil Wheaton is playing in the opposing team.

The Electric Can Opener Fluctuation: Sheldon heads to Texas after learning that his friends meddled with his expedition data

First shown: Thu 17 Dec 2009 | 21 mins

The Jiminy Conjecture: Leonard and Penny feel awkward around each other after their romantic liaison

First shown: Thu 24 Dec 2009 | 21 mins

The Gothowitz Deviation: Sheldon tries to modify Penny's behaviour using chocolate

First shown: Thu 31 Dec 2009 | 20 mins

The Pirate Solution: Raj reluctantly accepts a job offer from Sheldon so that he won't be sent back to India

First shown: Thu 7 Jan 2010 | 20 mins

The Creepy Candy Coating Corollary: Sheldon enters a competition that pits him against his nemesis, Wil Wheaton from Star Trek

First shown: Thu 14 Jan 2010 | 20 mins

The Cornhusker Vortex: Sheldon teaches Leonard about football so that he can fit in with Penny's friends

First shown: Thu 21 Jan 2010 | 19 mins

The Guitarist Amplification: Sheldon is upset when Leonard and Penny argue about Penny's male friend staying over

First shown: Thu 21 Jan 2010 | 19 mins

The Adhesive Duck Deficiency: Sheldon has to come to Penny's rescue after she dislocates her shoulder in the shower

First shown: Thu 28 Jan 2010 | 20 mins

The Vengeance Formulation: Howard is scared about committing to Bernadette, so he avoids her

First shown: Thu 4 Feb 2010 | 18 mins

The Gorilla Experiment: Howard and Penny are jealous when Bernadette is fascinated with Leonard's physics project

First shown: Thu 11 Feb 2010 | 20 mins