The Autistic Gardener

    • Episode 1 - Ashbourne, Derbyshire

      Alan and the team tackle Ben and Rebecca's overgrown wilderness. What the couple really want is a family garden that's low maintenance and fun. But is a budget of £3000 enough to get the job done?

    • Episode 2 - West London

      Alan and his team of autistic gardeners go to west London, where they tackle a small garden with a big problem - with only one week and a tight budget to make the plot look larger

    • Episode 3 - South London

      Alan and his team take on their biggest garden yet: a 95-foot jungle in south London, where they decide to create a sound garden. Do the clients get what they're trying to achieve?

    • Episode 4 - North East London

      Alan and the team tackle a dated plot in north east London, hoping to make a modern garden for just £5,000. But it starts raining and won't stop. Will it scupper their plans?