Series 1 Episode 12

When one of Elizabeth's agents puts key intel up for sale, she and Philip take bigger and bigger risks; but is it a set-up? Stan's pursuit of Directorate S yields unexpected results.

Pilot: The Jennings' lives get more complicated when a new neighbour arrives: FBI agent Beeman

66 mins

Series 1 Episode 1

The Clock: Philip and Elizabeth are told to bug the Defense Secretary's office. Stan secures a spy.

46 mins

Series 1 Episode 2

Gregory: Philip and Elizabeth learn that their dead colleague had a wife. Does she know too much?

44 mins

Series 1 Episode 3

In Control: The KGB and FBI scramble for intel when someone tries to assassinate the President

40 mins

Series 1 Episode 4

Comint: A crucial agent crumbles under emotional distress, threatening to expose KGB informants

38 mins

Series 1 Episode 5

Trust Me: A mole in the KGB causes suspicion among allies and shatters trust between the Jennings

47 mins

Series 1 Episode 6

Duty and Honor: Philip and Elizabeth's marriage is further tested when Philip reunites with an old flame

39 mins

Series 1 Episode 7

Mutually Assured Destruction: The Jennings hunt an assassin who targets scientists. Philip's infidelity comes to light.

45 mins

Series 1 Episode 8

Safe House: Paige and Henry don't take their parents' news well. Philip runs into Agent Amador.

46 mins

Series 1 Episode 9

Only You: The FBI's investigation into the death of one of their own leads to Gregory's crew

43 mins

Series 1 Episode 10

Covert War: Events in Moscow strike a chord with Elizabeth, leading her to take on a reckless mission

40 mins

Series 1 Episode 11

The Oath: Elizabeth and Philip take big risks for some key intel. But is it all a set-up?

40 mins

Series 1 Episode 12

The Colonel: As the meeting with the colonel approaches, Stan gets even closer to exposing the Jennings

45 mins

Series 1 Episode 13