Teenage Euthanasia
Animation set in near-future Florida, Teenage Euthanasia centres around the owners of Tender Endings funeral home and the Fantasy Family

The second series of the animation following the owners of Tender Endings funeral home in a near-future Florida

A Very Fantasy Vacation: While Tender Endings gets fumigated, the family take their first vacation

First shown: Thu 28 Sep 2023 | 22 mins

A Waist-Down Ghost Town Shut Down: Trophy helps billionaire Ref Mazos to open a death fulfilment centre in Fort Gator

First shown: Thu 21 Sep 2023 | 22 mins

It Happening!!! (Jellybean's Birthday): Annie is becoming a woman, which in the Fantasy family means she's gotten her teratoma

First shown: Thu 14 Sep 2023 | 22 mins

A League of His Own: Pete coaches an ultra-muscular fatherless little-league baseball team

First shown: Thu 7 Sep 2023 | 22 mins

Viva La Flapanista!: Trophy and Annie get trapped in a dangerous fringe therapist's deadly game

First shown: Thu 31 Aug 2023 | 22 mins

CARS 4: Pete has to drive a former mob limousine named Vic after totalling the hearse

First shown: Thu 24 Aug 2023 | 22 mins

Sexually Educated: When the hologram teachers go on strike, Pete, Trophy and Baba must pick up their slack

First shown: Thu 17 Aug 2023 | 22 mins

Radio Frankenstein: Can Trophy and her new butt-enhancing leggings achieve viral video fame?

First shown: Thu 10 Aug 2023 | 22 mins

Mother's Day: Annie's high school impregnates students with practice robo-babies to deter pregnancy

First shown: Thu 3 Aug 2023 | 22 mins

Remember Fun?: When Annie fails to meet Florida's party standards, Trophy must force her to have fun

First shown: Thu 27 Jul 2023 | 22 mins