Series 15 Episode 1

The 15th series kicks off with Alex Horne unveiling the new snack that's set to take the convenience food world by storm. Frankie Boyle plays with some string. And everyone throws a toilet roll.

The Final: A Yardstick for Failure: The contestants all contemplate using a hose in the grand final. Things just got serious.

First shown: Thu 1 Jun 2023 | 47 mins

A Show About Pedantry: Expect paint, stomping, forgotten rules and sneaky prizes in this sort-of semi-final

First shown: Thu 25 May 2023 | 47 mins

100% Bosco: Frankie Boyle goes to town on a huge cat scratching post. Plus: pineapples and umbrellas.

First shown: Thu 18 May 2023 | 47 mins

Schrödinger's Egg: Jelly babies cause friction. And Mae Martin and Ivo Graham say the word 'duck' a lot.

First shown: Thu 11 May 2023 | 47 mins

It's My Milk Now: It's time to meet everyone's imaginary friends in a domestic and poignant setting

First shown: Thu 4 May 2023 | 47 mins

Old Honkfoot: Frankie Boyle impresses with his falsetto, and Kiell Smith-Bynoe retrieves some spoons

First shown: Thu 27 Apr 2023 | 47 mins

How Heavy Is the Water?: All the comedians create boats to carry eggs in a race involving eggs (in boats)

First shown: Thu 20 Apr 2023 | 47 mins

I Love to Squander Promise: Can the comics keep it together for an all-important sausage exam?

First shown: Thu 13 Apr 2023 | 47 mins

Trapped in a Loveless Marriage: Jenny Eclair imparts her wisdom about piles. Frankie Boyle has strong opinions on golf.

First shown: Thu 6 Apr 2023 | 47 mins

The Curse of Politeness: Alex Horne unveils a new snack and Frankie Boyle discovers why cats love string so much

First shown: Thu 30 Mar 2023 | 47 mins