Series 14 Episode 10

After nine tense episodes, it's time for the glorious grand final, featuring grapes, ducks and moon boots. Which lucky contestant will stroll away with Greg Davies' golden head?

The Final: Did I Meet These Potatoes Before?: Which lucky contestant will stroll away with Greg Davies' golden head?

First shown: Thu 1 Dec 2022 | 48 mins

A New Business End: John Kearns blunts the business end of a sausage and Fern Brady struggles with a raspberry

First shown: Thu 24 Nov 2022 | 47 mins

The One That Bats Do: Dara Ó Briain gets frustrated with John Kearns, and Sarah Millican does something clever

First shown: Thu 17 Nov 2022 | 47 mins

The System of Endless Plates: All five comics spend far too long searching for a bath, given the size of the bath...

First shown: Thu 10 Nov 2022 | 47 mins

Long-legged Lobster: Pack leader Dara Ó Briain is baffled by milk. John Kearns and Munya Chawawa skip and jump.

First shown: Thu 3 Nov 2022 | 47 mins

Chip Biffington: Sarah Millican gets her hands in some cottage pie, and John Kearns survives an operation

First shown: Thu 27 Oct 2022 | 47 mins

Crumbs in My Bralette: Dara Ó Briain displays a fabulous flair for folding, and Munya Chawawa works his DIY magic

First shown: Thu 20 Oct 2022 | 47 mins

Dafty in the Middle: Can Fern Brady fly? Is Sarah Millican fireproof? Watch on to find out the answers...

First shown: Thu 13 Oct 2022 | 47 mins

Enormous Hugeness: Alex Horne's as happy as Larry when he gets to supervise tasks about admin and messy flour

First shown: Thu 6 Oct 2022 | 47 mins

The Chassis, the Wings: A fresh batch of comics, including Dara Ó Briain, fumble frozen peas and shout about fish

First shown: Thu 29 Sep 2022 | 47 mins