Series 14 Episode 3

Can Fern Brady fly? Is Sarah Millican fireproof? And why would the notoriously brutal Taskmaster treat the entire gang to a tasty dessert? All these questions and more will be answered...

The Final: Did I Meet These Potatoes Before?: Which lucky contestant will stroll away with Greg Davies' golden head?

First shown: Thu 1 Dec 2022 | 48 mins

A New Business End: John Kearns blunts the business end of a sausage and Fern Brady struggles with a raspberry

First shown: Thu 24 Nov 2022 | 47 mins

The One That Bats Do: Dara Ó Briain gets frustrated with John Kearns, and Sarah Millican does something clever

First shown: Thu 17 Nov 2022 | 47 mins

The System of Endless Plates: All five comics spend far too long searching for a bath, given the size of the bath...

First shown: Thu 10 Nov 2022 | 47 mins

Long-legged Lobster: Pack leader Dara Ó Briain is baffled by milk. John Kearns and Munya Chawawa skip and jump.

First shown: Thu 3 Nov 2022 | 47 mins

Chip Biffington: Sarah Millican gets her hands in some cottage pie, and John Kearns survives an operation

First shown: Thu 27 Oct 2022 | 47 mins

Crumbs in My Bralette: Dara Ó Briain displays a fabulous flair for folding, and Munya Chawawa works his DIY magic

First shown: Thu 20 Oct 2022 | 47 mins

Dafty in the Middle: Can Fern Brady fly? Is Sarah Millican fireproof? Watch on to find out the answers...

First shown: Thu 13 Oct 2022 | 47 mins

Enormous Hugeness: Alex Horne's as happy as Larry when he gets to supervise tasks about admin and messy flour

First shown: Thu 6 Oct 2022 | 47 mins

The Chassis, the Wings: A fresh batch of comics, including Dara Ó Briain, fumble frozen peas and shout about fish

First shown: Thu 29 Sep 2022 | 47 mins