Series 11 Episode 7

There are fires, alarms, bizarre banquets and surprising sound effects, as our five comics complete pointless tasks under the watchful eye of Greg Davies and Little Alex Horne

Taskmaster's New Year Treat: New year special with John Hannah, Nicola Coughlan, Shirley Ballas, Krishnan and Rylan

First shown: Fri 1 Jan 2021 | 47 mins

Activate Jamali: After an epic final of dunking, dinosaurs and dodgy directions, who will win Greg's head?

First shown: Thu 20 May 2021 | 47 mins

Mr Octopus and Pottyhands: Mike Wozniak issues a stark warning. Lee Mack has a makeover. And there's a storm brewing.

First shown: Thu 13 May 2021 | 47 mins

An Orderly Species: Greg is impressed by Charlotte's snack-munching methods and Jamali's pretty wings

First shown: Thu 6 May 2021 | 47 mins

You've Got No Chutzpah: The tasks this time feature fires, alarms, bizarre banquets and surprising sound effects

First shown: Thu 29 Apr 2021 | 47 mins

Absolute Casserole: Jamali decorates the caravan. Mike leaves the Taskmaster in a state of horrified delirium.

First shown: Thu 22 Apr 2021 | 47 mins

Slap and Tong: The comics take on humiliating missions involving cling film and fashion for insects

First shown: Thu 15 Apr 2021 | 47 mins

Premature Conker: Mike Wozniak tries out a new catchphrase, and Lee Mack terrifies a member of the public

First shown: Thu 8 Apr 2021 | 47 mins

Run Up a Tree to the Moon: Lee Mack attempts an audacious hammer throw, while Jamali Maddix forgets his passport

First shown: Thu 1 Apr 2021 | 47 mins

The Lure of the Treacle Puppies: Mike Wozniak vaults a high fence. Lee Mack struggles to see a balloon.

First shown: Thu 25 Mar 2021 | 47 mins