Famous contestants, infuriating challenges and a wheelbarrow of withering putdowns. Taskmaster Greg Davies and sidekick Little Alex Horne oversee the weird, wonderful, BAFTA-winning comedy game show.

Flanked by his flunky Alex Horne, Greg Davies is primed to remorselessly judge Joanne McNally, John Robins, Nick Mohammed, Sophie Willan and Steve Pemberton. Eggs included.

The Final: Ambience and Information: It's the grand final, and Nick Mohammed makes a magical prediction...

First shown: Thu 30 May 2024 | 47 mins

Assistantbury: Little Alex Horne risks raising Greg Davies' hackles with a task in celebration of himself

First shown: Thu 23 May 2024 | 47 mins

The Umbrella Wink: Why won't Nick Mohammed stop winking?! Plus: oars for arms, and a beatboxing wolf.

First shown: Thu 16 May 2024 | 47 mins

Dream Date Territory: Sophie Willan shouts in Alex's flustered face. Joanne McNally acts out the word 'beer'.

First shown: Thu 9 May 2024 | 47 mins

A Three Ring Man: Joanne McNally invents a catchphrase, and John Robins gets creative with beans

First shown: Thu 2 May 2024 | 48 mins

Snooker Cue Umbrella Chin: Steve Pemberton experiments with G-force. Nick Mohammed gets trapped under a bed.

First shown: Thu 25 Apr 2024 | 47 mins

Apropos of Apoppo: The contestants wrangle wild animals, with unpleasant results for Steve Pemberton

First shown: Thu 18 Apr 2024 | 47 mins

Some Impropriety?: Why is Joanne McNally sniffing Alex's beard? Steve Pemberton makes a no-vowels gamble.

First shown: Thu 11 Apr 2024 | 47 mins

Jumungo: John Robins puts his faith in honey, while Sophie Willan attempts to take flight

First shown: Thu 4 Apr 2024 | 47 mins

Grappling with My Life: Nick Mohammed and co get underway with a floating primate and, as is traditional, eggs

First shown: Thu 28 Mar 2024 | 48 mins