225g chopped dates

200ml water

110g flora

110g light brown sugar

200g self raising flour

tsp bicarb

1 tbs grd ginger

1 tbs vanilla paste

1 tbs grd cinnamon

250ml almond milk

tbs golden syrup

tbs cider vinegar


50g golden syrup

200g light brownnsugar

150g flora

5g vanilla

Vegan vanilla ice Fcream to serve


1. Cook the dates in the water for approx. 5 mins until soft, cool

2. Beat the flora and sugar, add the flour, bicarb and spices and vanilla

3. Fold in the rest

4. Spoon into a greased, lined square tin

5. Bake at 180c for approx. 40-45mins

6. Sauce, simply simmer and boil for 5mins

7. When the pud comes out, pour half the sauce over

8. Serve warm with vegan vanilla ice cream