4 leeks, green cut off and cut into small pieces

50g butter

2tbs water

Salt and pepper

150g grated strong mature cheddar

150g grated gruyere

1 egg

50g grain mustard

6 toasted crumpets


1. Put the leeks, water, butter and salt and pepper into a pan. Bring to a simmer, cover and cook 20mins until soft. Cook 3-5mins more to evaporate most of the water off. Cool to warm

2. Rarebit – mix really well. Divide into 2, place each half between parchment pieces and roll out to about 3mm thick. Chill

3. Spoon leek mix onto crumpets, cut out circles approx 98mm bigger than the crumpet so the rarebit hangs over the edges

4. Grill until it bubble s and is brown

5. Serve with tom chutney and micro herbs