600g St. Louise cut meaty pork ribs cut into 2 inch x 2 inch pieces

25ml Shaoxing wine

50ml light soy

80g shredded palm sugar

30ml black vinegar

Serve with

thinly sliced spring onions

sliced red chillies

steamed jasmine rice

sesame seeds

chopped avocado


1. Fry the ribs in a hot wok for 3mins, turning regularly.

2. Add the wine, reduce to almost nothing.

3. Mix the sauce ingredients, add to the pan. Once it begins to bubble, reduce to a low heat, cover and cook 30 mins or until tender (may need to add water to stop it cooking too quickly).

4. Taste the sauce and adjust with more vinegar or soy if needed.

5. Serve in a deep bowl with all the extras.