Drink One - Winter Highball (Created by Marco Corollo)

Chestnut infused Eau de Vie 20ml

Cocoa Nibs

cold brewed Cocchi Torino, 50ml

Green and Mid Roast Coffee Soda (coffee fizzed up in a soda stream or mixed with soda water) 60ml

Build everything in a glass with ice.

Drink Two - Smoked Carol (Created by Ginevra Castanoli)

Glenfiddich Grand Cru, 35m

Mulled Wine (Served either Cold, Room Temperature or Warm) 45ml

Build in a glass with ice if cold, or heat up in a pan to hot, not boiling!

Drink Three - Michter's and Cranberry (Created by Anna Sebastian)

Michter’s American Whisky, 40ml

Cranberry Cordial, 30ml

Champagne top up

Build in a glass and top with chilled champagne.