For the sprouts

300g blanched Brussels

100g flour

10g salt

5g white pepper

25g paprika

For the salad

12 ciabatta croutons

12 gem lettuce leaves, simply torn in halves or thirds

2 very thin rounds of red onion, divided into rings

4 salted anchovies, halved

For the dressing

200g mayo (makes lots of dressing)

30g Dijon mustard

30ml white wine vinegar

salt & pepper

clove garlic

100g grated parmesan

2g cayenne pepper

1 salted anchovy, finely chopped

juice of half lemon

grated parmesan


1. Blend all dressing ingredients until smooth (adjust consistency with water)

2. Cut sprouts into quarters, then toss in the flour, salt, white pepper and paprika. Deep fry for 4 minutes, drain and salt to taste

3. To serve, toss the sprouts and the salad ingredients in the dressing, sit on a plate and add finely grated parmesan