70g dried porcini mushrooms- soaked for 20 minutes and drained

3 onions, caramelised

800g tin, drained, washed kidney beans

10g garlic

120g rolled oats

25g smoked paprika

25g ground cumin

30g marmite

salt & pepper

20g chopped parsley

60g grated carrot

25g onion powder

25g celery salt

100g gram flour

6 x vegan burger buns

6 x pieces butter lettuce

6 x large dill pickle ‘spears’

150g vegan mayo

50g yellow American mustard

50g sriracha sauce

6 x very thin slice of red onion

6 x very thin slice beef tomato

sweet potato fries


1. Roughly chop/crush the beans then put in a bowl with everything else. Mix well

2. Mould into 150/175g patties, chill for 20 minutes

3. Deep fry for 8 minutes, drain or shallow fry for 4 minutes each side

4. Mix the mayo with mustard and sriracha

5. Assemble – base/mayo/lettuce/burger/onion/tomato/mayo/lid/spear on a stick through the bun n burger combo. Serve with sweet potato fries