1400g hard flour (or high gluten flour)

400g milk

200g eggs

100g butter

20g mahlep

4g mastic crystals

55g yeast

1/4qt orange’s zest

20g metaxa

280g sugar

2g salt


1. Mix all dry ingredients

2. Smash the orange zest with sugar to create a paste.

3. Add paste, milk and eggs to the dry ingredients

4. Add cold butter in cubes, mix it for a while until the dough becomes elastic.

5. Leave it to rise. Then mix it again very slowly

6. Rest for an hour covered. Cut the dough as desired.

7. Braid or form the dough as preferred. Let rise again until it rises. Paint with egg wash. Bake for 20 minutes at 180°c or 30 minutes at 170°c.