Serves 4


75g pistachios, toasted

clove garlic

150g fresh basil

50ml extra virgin olive oil

juice half lime

20 okra

oil to deep fry

sea salt

about 12 heirloom tomatoes

30ml cider vinegar

a few rocket leaves

150g feta (optional)


Blend the nuts, garlic etc to form a pesto like paste (may need more oil)

Cut 2 slits down the okra from the tip, but don’t cut completely (you should end up with 3 ‘fingers)

Toss in sea salt, put in a colander and leave for 30mins (lots of juice will come out)

Pat really dry then fry for 6-8mins until crisp and golden, drain and season

Cut the tomatoes into thick rounds, sit on a plate. Season and add vinegar then a drizzle of oil

Spoon some blobs of pesto, then place the okra on top with the rocket leaves and feta cheese.