2 tsp toasted caraway seeds

150ml water

250g coconut vegan yoghurt

10g dried yeast


40ml oil + extra oil for griddle

550g strong plain flour


200g hummous

about 20 pieces blanched tender stem broccoli

175g cubed smoked tofu

50g nigella seeds


1 head fennel

1 apple

handful chopped parsley

juice n zest 1 lemon

tbs Dijon

100ml extra virgin olive oil

hot sauce (Cholula or franks)

extra coconut yoghurt to drizzle


1. boil the water and seeds then pour into a bowl which has the combined yeast and yoghurt, stir it up well

2. add 200g of the flour, combine it well, use your hands, then cover and prove for 25 minutes.

3. after the 25 mins add the salt oil and the rest of the flour, and toms. give this a really good mix, then cover and prove again for an hour, it should just about double in size

4. Knock it back and divide it into 4, roll into little balls, then roll out on a floured board to about 12cm circles.

5. to cook the bread, brush with a little oil and either fry, or place on a griddle pan for about 30 secs each side

6. tofu – toss in oil and seeds, roast at 180c for 10mins

7. tender stem – fry in very hot dry pan for 3 minutes

8. salad – finely slice apple and fennel, mix with mustard, lemon and oil, season well and add parsley

9. assemble – spread hummus on the center of the bread, then salad, then tofu, then broccoli

10. drizzle on sauces