Glaze –

80ml soy

80ml mirin

40ml sake

30g brown sugar

30mm piece ginger, grated

500g fillet steak (must be thick) cut into 40mm cubes)

Salad –

100ml rice vinegar

50g soy

20ml mirin

10g sugar

Half Chinese cabbage, thinly sliced

4 spring onions, sliced

1 cucumber, cut into de seeded half moons

Garnish with sesame seeds and chilli flakes


1. Glaze – boil for approx. 10mins until thick

2. Salad dressing – boil the dressing for 5mins. Cool then por over the cabbage etc

3. Put 2 pieces of steak onto small skewers

4. Brush with glaze. Grill/griddle, add more glaze. Turn once. Cook for total of 3mins

5. Add more glaze serve with salad