For the Batter

100g flour

5g ground cinnamon

3 eggs

tsp vanilla

150ml whole milk

15g butter

For the filling

1 star anise

1 cinnamon stick

pinch nutmeg

150g sugar

1 vanilla pod

300g assorted fruits – strawberry, raspberry, blueberry

salted caramel ice cream and icing sugar to serve


1. Mix the flour, cinnamon, vanilla

2. Beat in the eggs, then slowly add the milk. Chill 30 minutes

3. Heat a skillet for 10 minutes in a 220C oven

4. Take out add 30ml oil and the butter

5. Pour in the batter, then cook for 20-25 minutes

6. Filling - heat the sugar and spices and when the sugar has dissolved, take off the heat and add the fruit.

7. When ready to serve remove the star anise and cinnamon stick, spoon the fruit into the pud, add ice cream.