300g blanched tenderstem broccoli

125g maple

juice half orange

30g pomegranate molasses

250g precooked brown rice

8 finely chopped spring onions

100g mung beans, rinsed

75g green olives

50g toasted pine nuts

juice half lemon

salt and cracked black pepper

handful baby sorrel leaves (red if poss)


60ml cider vinegar

25g maple

50ml extra virgin olive oil

tsp chilli flakes


1. Dressing – whisk together, season

2. Put the tenderstem in a very hot pan. Leave for full 3-4 mins until very charred

3. Add the maple, molasses etc and boil until sticky

4. Toss the rice and salad bits in the dressing.

5. Serve with the tenderstem broccoli on top.