12 x 150mm soft corn tacos

600g king prawns, peeled

5g garlic powder

5g cayenne pepper

5g smoked paprika

100ml olive oil

75ml hot sauce (Franks wing sauce)

For the salsa

1 diced mango

half finely diced red onion

juice and zest 1 lime

handful chopped coriander

1 chopped avocado

1 tsp chilli flakes

half head shredded iceberg

Sour cream


1. Shrimp-toss the prawns in the garlic, cayenne etc

2. Season well then fry 4 minutes until pink, drain and toss in the hot sauce

3. Salsa – toss it all together, season well

4. Warm the soft tacos

5. Put some lettuce and salsa on each taco, then shrimps, then sour cream

6. Drizzle on sour cream, serve