300g smoked tofu cut into slices about 10mm thick

For the buns:

500g flour

50g sugar

5g salt

5g baking powder

5g instant yeast

150ml warm water

150ml full fat milk

15ml oil

For the Tofu marinade:

200g skippy crunchy peanut butter

100ml oil

50g white miso paste

200g gochujang paste

30g sugar

50ml Biona veggie Worcestershire sauce

Juice half lime

To serve:

100g mayonnaise





For the Buns:

1. Mix all the dry ingredients together, then add the wet. Mix to form a stick dough

2. Knead on a work surface for a full 10mins (it’s done when it stops being sticky)

3. Put back in a bowl and cover for 1 hour to double in size

4. Roll into a sausage and cut into approx. 15 pieces

5. Roll/shape into ovals

6. Brush oil onto one side, then fold over to make a purse shape

7. Cover with oiled cling film for 20 mins

8. Steam them in a steamer for 20 mins

For the Tofu:

9. Mix together all of the marinade ingredients together.

10. Keep about 50g of marinade back and add the tofu to the rest, cover and chill overnight.

11. Drain excess marinade, fry for 2minutes on each side in a little oil

12. Mix the remaining marinade with mayonnaise

13. Brush mayo on each bun, add the tofu, watercress, cucumber and chillies.