4 chicken breasts, skin on and bone in

Ingredients for the spices

25g chilli powder

15g ground cumin

15g ground coriander

10g ground ginger

15g soft dark brown sugar

15g garlic powder

5g all spice

5g ground cinnamon

5g ground cloves

15g salt

10g cracked black pepper

5g cayenne

about 100ml veg oil

Ingredients for the slaw

half head shredded red cabbage

12 chopped spring onions

half head shredded fennel

10g poppy seeds

handful roughly chopped coriander and mint

Ingredients for the black pepper sauce

100ml rice vinegar

200ml olive oil

75g Dijon

50g honey

10g salt

10g cracked black pepper

serve with warm new potatoes


1. Combine spice ingredients.

2. Rub the chicken with oil and press on some rub.

3. Cook skin side down for 4 minutes to char, flip over, cook 4 minutes more. Finish in the oven for about 1-2 minutes until cooked.

4. For the dressing, whisk together, then toss in the slaw ingredients.

5. Serve with some warm new potatoes.

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