Serves 10


For the croquette mix

350g mashed spud (cooked, drained, but not refreshed)

350g cooked flaked smoked haddock

15g chopped chives

1 tsp salt

15g horseradish cream

100g flour, 2 eggs and 100g polenta mixed with 100g breadcrumbs to roll

For sauce

200g mayo

juice 1 lemon

50g horseradish cream

bunch parsley


1. To make the croquettes, mix the potato together, with the other ingredients and then mould into 100g balls, roll into cylinders, chill for 20 mins

2. Roll in flour, egg, then polenta and deep fry 3-4mins

3. To make the sauce, mix all ingredients until smooth

4. Serve with croquettes. Garnish with lemon wedges and samphire

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